In a World of Girls, Brownies discover different cultures around the world and see how storytelling can inspire us to help others. Then girls may team up to tell their own stories through theater, crafts, painting, or even by developing their own advertising. 

WHEN: 9/15/2019  2:00 PM -5:00 PM 

WHERE: West Metro

COST: $10.00

Deadline for Registration: 


Troops must provide their own Adult Volunteer to Girl Ratio for supervision.

Individual Girl Scouts (Juliettes) welcome!

** does not include cost of Badge Award Set or Book.

Schedule of Events:

  • Opening Ceremony

  • International Friendship Song

  • Icebreaker game

  • Instructions on stations

  • Hand out passports

  • Decorate Passports

  • Rotation 1   

  • Rotation 2

  • Snack: Bento Snack!  

  • Rotation 3

  • Closing: review our travels and close with a friendship circle.

World of Girls Journey in a Day